Four Things to Consider Before Your Wedding Dress Shop Appointment

In life, it isn’t uncommon to spend much of our time wondering when we will meet that perfect (or perfectly imperfect) person with whom to share the rest of our life. If you are reading this, the chances are you have found them, in which case we first want to say – congratulations! Once the big question is popped (and a few bottles of champagne opened along the way), it isn’t long before your thoughts may turn to one of the most indulgent and exciting parts of the day – the wedding dress.

Vintage or contemporary, long or mid, big volume or sleek, white or otherwise; there are so many things to consider and unlimited possibilities. In magazines, at wedding fairs, and on the Internet brides-to-be are bombarded with hundreds of bridal wear potentials even before setting foot into a wedding dress shop. It’s no wonder we see many women arrive at our bridal shop in Lichfield feeling overwhelmed. With over 17 years of experience in bridal wear, we want to share four really useful things to consider before arriving at your wedding dress shop appointment.

Ask About Particular Wedding Dress Designers
When you make an appointment at your local wedding dress shop, such as Charlotte Baker Bridal Wear in Staffordshire, the chances are you have already been browsing through magazines, and perhaps made it to a wedding fair too. We advise that each bride-to-be keeps about the style of bridal wear that may have stood out. You can then ask the wedding dress shop whether they stock the dresses that have already caught your attention. A bridal boutique will be able to talk to you about their chosen designers and the ethos behind the brand. Popular wedding dress collections include Enzoani, Hayley Paige and True Bride (all of which are collections we feature at Charlotte Baker Bridal Wear.) With more than 80 dresses in stock, supplied by carefully-selected designers, we are confident you will find the perfect dress for your wedding day.

Consider When and Where the Marriage Will Take Place
Firstly, have a think about the time of year you are going to tie the knot. For example, if it’s a summer wedding – particularly if you are heading abroad – a long sleeve wedding dress or a wedding dress with heavy material probably won’t be the most comfortable. For example, wedding dresses made from Chiffon, Lace or Organza would probably be the most suitable choice for a summer wedding as these materials are lightweight.

You should also think about where the wedding ceremony will take place. For example, in some churches, you may need to have shoulders covered during the wedding service. If that is the case, would you like the option of a bolero which can be removed for the reception? By letting the experts at the wedding dress shop know these things, they can be more specific in selecting the perfect dress.

Colour or No Colour?
Tradition says a wedding day wouldn’t be complete without a white or ivory dress, but whether or not you wish to follow this tradition is entirely your choice. You will probably find that most bridal wear boutiques, including our wedding dress shop in Lichfield, stock a great range of ivory dresses. Other colour alternatives that are less traditional, but equally romantic, maybe a blush pink, light gold or champagne tone. If you want to try a particular colour or variety of colours to fit your theme, we advise you call ahead of your bridal boutique appointment.

Have an Idea of Style in Mind
The team at Charlotte Baker Bridal Wear in Lichfield are equally well-versed in welcoming brides who have an exact image of the style of wedding dresses they’d like to try, those choosing between two different styles (usually trying one of each will give a good idea of which works best), and those with no clear idea at all. To make the most out of your allotted time at the wedding dress shop, having some direction with dress style is advisable. Consider, for example, if you would prefer a full skirt, bead detailing, fishtail, sleeves, lace, a classic or contemporary dress. At Charlotte Baker Bridal Wear, you will be free to browse the collections and pick out some dresses you like the look of and give them a try. If you’re happy for me to, I’ll pick out some that I think will look good also. We offer an exclusive VIP experience by appointment only. That means that when you come in, we are focussed solely on you and finding the dress of your dreams.

Yes, a marriage is about uniting two people in love, but no one can deny the bride her dream wedding dress. If you are a bride-to-be in Staffordshire, Charlotte Baker Bridal Wear in Lichfield promises an all-round beautiful experience. With your dedicated bridal wear expert, you will have access to our extensive range of elegant wedding dresses and accessories, from which we are sure you will find “the one” or at the very least, help you along the way.

To book your bridal boutique appointment, get in touch with the team at Charlotte Baker today! It is really easy to book online or give us a call on 01543 481210.

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